Friday, August 1, 2008

The Moon

Tired people's eyes
Feeling just like every other, all alone
traveling for eternities of moons and suns
Forever changing, always replacing one another
Coldly, like a game of tag
Between the ember flaming colossal sun
And cold, pebble moon
Always day followed by the lost, neglected night
Slept through,
No thank you'd for the darkness
No appreciation for most important slumber
But oh, when Heaven awakes, and opens her eye
Life begins.
As though creator's most beloved creation
Is gracing the meek world with pleasure
So kind of him to light the days
In which we live
They dance and grow flowers
But once all the play is through
The solid, tiny mass deep in the black shines in
And chases away the golden party host
As if to say, "it's time to settle down"
Feeling unfavored, unwanted, unloved
Content to dream in peace
Without the parading laud of his rival
So slowly as the moon falls
And hides behind enormous planets
So appears his best contender
Ready to visit wired, chirping crowds
And get his smiling recognition
from well-rested, waking children

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