Saturday, October 18, 2008

What do you expect out of her

I'm alright, I'm regular
I laugh, I do not laugh
I'd cry if daddy died
I'd hide if daddy drank
I'd look if daddy lied
I'd smile if daddy'd smile
If I could run- I'd run ten miles
But I'm alright, I'm regular
And daddy called it 'Secular'
To miss a boy
To kiss a boy
But what's it to ya, daddy

Dark watery eyes

Dark means black, or sad or empty
Dark attacks,
Dark acts of anger, pride or jealousy with tact
Watery eyes, like skies of lightning,
Frightening to the waters, rising
Above mountains and trees, Dark watery eyes
Smooth means sharp,
Blades or razors,
Painful hazes disillusioned actions,
Factual happenings, safely sought
And wrought in desperation,
Dark watery eyes, Smooth skin of yours-
Skin like deadly, dark disaster
Cloth-like sane, taciturn and vainly fair like
A night of rain's fresh morning after
Dark smooth skin and watery eyes,
Your smile like laughter- outdoing day
Awakening night like light or fire, embers raging
Dire- higher till the sparks cloud up the skyline
Shining till they die,
Dar watery eyes, smooth skin like fire, and your smile outdoes day.

Fall 2008;

I've held hands with perfect-
I want to feel that which is different,
extraordinary, is how I see it
I've felt the lips of coveted admiration
Explain to my own their whole dedication,
I need now a thrill, a rush, or a break
I need to run, or crush or be chased
This painted white gate has enclosed my vigor,
Contained my spirit, limited my shivering heart,
I want to know the outside
I want to explore the expanse of the sky
So I watch you live,
For that rush is your eyes.


Aren't we all animals?
The teacher said so.
We came from nowhere, and nowhere we'll go
The teacher said so

Before Jenny was Jenny, Jen was just the backyard
The teacher said we was just bugs in the bark
But I don't think, if I think, we can think
Like animals, the way they all do
With fleshy meat spackling their cheeks
Dirt and earth in their toes
But the teacher said so

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Dream

After the hardest part of the day,
I crashed hard onto this bed
With my cheek smothered against the white cotton
Breathing slower than I wanted to
I slept heavier than I wanted to
Dreaming like the staccato choir chorus
Waiting for the crescendo, the climax
like a night in summer-
like a race to find one another-
like a maze to meet a lover-
we were looking for each other.
And I took blows from the bushes
Causing my sides to ache with pale, sickening hunger
The hem of my dress ripping at each corner
A rose bush's thorns catching me in my steam
In my trance with the clock,
My heart billeting like those militant animals in May
Then I tripped, toppling over, mud in my eyes
Looking up at you- But there were wounds, and I died
I live in you still, as you sing with elation
Because I woke up

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Everyone Else

Summer, and she felt the black burn of the withering plants at her heels
telling her the faster she runs, the less she'll ever feel.
Autumn and like libraries,
we line up in rows suited for an army,
without realizing how just like one another we all are.
She's older now,
and wilder than she once was,
but still holding on to the notion she'd been fed.
She'd like to die just to know she was dead,
because nobody ever wanted her, and no man ever would.
High school, and discontentment wilted that spirit of hers
that spirit, that ran faster than she ever could
In the sharp weeds of the summer
In the hail of loud oak trees in autumn wind
In the entirety of her hate, she ignored herself
Like everyone else did.

Monday, August 18, 2008

On My Way Home

It's nights like last I cannot shake
It's words like those you dare to speak
To measure up to what we lost
Christmas came and went like hate
But you raced to the place you could escape from
They were walking together
He wanted home, she wanted young ones
Wildly stamping their fists on his table
Burning, flaming, crazy ideas
Happiness does not run in the darkness
That vast empty space
Gasping in the way of your lungs
Full of those crazy ideas
You did not want to pull me out of a fire
My hands held the edge of your tall, skyscraper
And you looked at me like a younger you
With no love in your heart
For someone so misunderstood
And you said I love you
And you smiled when I fell
But like days, like nights, like hate and love
You walked away with no looking back
And my guts flew from me when I was crushed in my fall
Then blood stained your face from my battered skull
Don't look now