Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Dream

After the hardest part of the day,
I crashed hard onto this bed
With my cheek smothered against the white cotton
Breathing slower than I wanted to
I slept heavier than I wanted to
Dreaming like the staccato choir chorus
Waiting for the crescendo, the climax
like a night in summer-
like a race to find one another-
like a maze to meet a lover-
we were looking for each other.
And I took blows from the bushes
Causing my sides to ache with pale, sickening hunger
The hem of my dress ripping at each corner
A rose bush's thorns catching me in my steam
In my trance with the clock,
My heart billeting like those militant animals in May
Then I tripped, toppling over, mud in my eyes
Looking up at you- But there were wounds, and I died
I live in you still, as you sing with elation
Because I woke up

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