Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dark watery eyes

Dark means black, or sad or empty
Dark attacks,
Dark acts of anger, pride or jealousy with tact
Watery eyes, like skies of lightning,
Frightening to the waters, rising
Above mountains and trees, Dark watery eyes
Smooth means sharp,
Blades or razors,
Painful hazes disillusioned actions,
Factual happenings, safely sought
And wrought in desperation,
Dark watery eyes, Smooth skin of yours-
Skin like deadly, dark disaster
Cloth-like sane, taciturn and vainly fair like
A night of rain's fresh morning after
Dark smooth skin and watery eyes,
Your smile like laughter- outdoing day
Awakening night like light or fire, embers raging
Dire- higher till the sparks cloud up the skyline
Shining till they die,
Dar watery eyes, smooth skin like fire, and your smile outdoes day.

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